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Nema Association

Nema Association (Investors for Development) is a group of investors from various countries across the world that are willing to share their experiences and resources for the mutual benefit of all the investors.

After six months of joint hard effort by the founding partners, Nema Association was established on 8 August 2018, and held its introductory event in the majestic city of Istanbul.

What we do

Nema is built upon the basis of supporting the growth of the businesses and investments of its members by providing a platform for sharing of experiences and resources in an integrative way.

In a promising yet challenging business environment like Turkey, investors often feel the need for someone who has the experience and understanding of the dynamics of the Turkish market to provide preliminary guidance and informed overview of the current situation. Opening channels of communication between existing and potential investors to facilitate the early phases—and avoid previous mishaps—is one of the main goals of Nema.

We hold activities to promote awareness, provide guidance and training, and stimulate investments. We also have programs that merge our association with organizations of national and international communities, giving exceptional advantages to our members.

Success partners

Our partners are a core component of our growth and success. We work with national and international organizations, as well as service providers.
National organizations

Business associations, Islamic banks, and waqf-based associations in the fields of business and investment International organizations
Service providers Conference organizers, marketing agencies, communication and PR services, etc.

Our location

Our headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey—the new and ever-growing hub of investment in the Middle East.

Why Nema

In Nema, we believe that many investors/entrepreneurs abstain from investment in new markets because of ambiguity or inexperience, while other investors are willing to provide support and advice. Matching the two ends would open new horizons for the investors as they leverage the mutual benefit.

Benefits of becoming a member

By becoming a member of Nema Association, you will benefit from the following:

You will get the opportunity as a businessperson or an investor to participate in pushing for laws and legislation that would facilitate their situation in Turkey.

You will benefit from the strong, mutual benefit-based relationship with Turkey since the association represents a platform for project launching (corporate social responsibility).

You will participate in seminars and decision-making workshops with the people responsible for promoting investment in Turkey.

You will benefit from the advantages the association gets from the national and international authorities and organizations.

Our methods

In a world that is becoming more and more virtualized, we leverage several mechanisms, both real and virtual, to ensure an active and continuous communication among the community of the association.

  • Annual universal conference/forum
  • Quarterly events
  • Monthly workshops
  • Weekly/bimonthly follow-up meetings
  • Building an online platform for effective communication
  • Creating and activating accounts for the association on platforms specializing in business and investment
  • Establishing a cloud workspace to facilitate users’ logging in and fetching of information

The interaction between members is the main driving force of the association. Mechanisms of boosting interaction include

  • Participating in committees, activities, and organized programs with a specific role for each member
  • Developing a framework to embrace the ideas and suggestions of the members and putting them into implementation
  • Clarifying the responsibilities of each member and emphasizing bilateral benefits to strengthen and grow the relationships