In a world that is becoming more and more virtualized, we leverage several mechanisms, both real and virtual, to ensure an active and continuous communication among the community of the association.

  • Annual universal conference/forum
  • Quarterly events
  • Monthly workshops
  • Weekly/bimonthly follow-up meetings
  • Building an online platform for effective communication
  • Creating and activating accounts for the association on platforms specializing in business and investment
  • Establishing a cloud workspace to facilitate users’ logging in and fetching of information

The interaction between members is the main driving force of the association. Mechanisms of boosting interaction include

  • Participating in committees, activities, and organized programs with a specific role for each member
  • Developing a framework to embrace the ideas and suggestions of the members and putting them into implementation
  • Clarifying the responsibilities of each member and emphasizing bilateral benefits to strengthen and grow the relationships